FAQs about Ice Axes

What are the differences between the CRYO-M, CRYO-P and CRYO-LT axes?

The shaft and the pick (“ICE”) are the same on the three models. The CRYO-M comes with the hammer “HAMMER” and the spiked hand rest ”SPIKE” which has an orifice for clipping carabiners. The CRYO-P comes with the adze “ADZE” and the same spiked hand rest “SPIKE”. The CRYO-LT doesn´t have a hammer or adze, only a metallic plug to protect the screw socket. It comes fitted with a spikeless rubber hand rest “SPIKELESS”, which doesn´t have a hole to clip carabiners.

Can I convert a CRYO-LT into a CRYO-P or CRYO-M?

Yes, no problem. You simply need to buy the necessary accessories. All the parts are interchangeable.

Can I take the hammer or adze off the CRYO-P and CRYO-M?

Yes, but we recommend that you fit the protective metallic plug (Din-913 M-8x16) included when you buy the axe, to prevent damage to the screw socket.

Which axe do I need for alpinism?

The CRYO-P or CRYO Alpin-P is a very versatile tool which adapts to almost all terrain and which, if necessary, can be used as a belay device or to abseil.

Which axe do I need for mixed climbing?

The CRYO-M includes the hammer “HAMMER”. Choosing to climb with two hammers or one hammer and an adze is a very personal decision, however there is no doubt that in the case of a fall the adze would be more dangerous.

Where can I get the most of a CRYO-2?

The CRYO-2 is a very technical tool as well as a very versatile one with a wide range of possibilities, from dry-tooling to the most extreme ice climbing; if you love linking Yaniros on steep overhangs and then climbing on long and sustained ice walls, this is definitely your tool.

Why does the CRYO-2 have two handles alike?

Because as our hands are alike, our handles' axes should be so and they should fit our hands size. These handles are designed to ease recovery in long sustained pitches where hand switching is crucial. At the same time, its ergonomics allows wrist tendons to work properly and provides perfect grip.

Will I have any problems when using the CRYO-2 on a less difficult terrain?

Absolutely not. Even though this is not its ideal terrain, the CRYO-2 works perfectly on all terrains. Its double handle will allow you to choose the better working angle for each terrain.

What are the axes made of which makes them so light?

The CRYO axes are made from a single piece of aluminium 7075, hot forged, heat treated and machine finished. The axes are designed to achieve the lightest structure possible on a T-type shaft.

Why do the axes seem to weigh less than others of the same weight?

It´s not only weight that affects the handling of an axe, but how the weight is distributed. Our axes´ carefully calculated geometry distributes the weight along the length of the tool thus saving a lot of energy on each strike without affecting the axes´ perfect penetration.

Will the screws and screw sockets get easily damaged being aluminium?

No, because they are not aluminium. The screws on the hammer and adze have steel “Helicoil” inserts to improve their durability. What’s more the adze and hammer fix to the axe in a way that is self-blocking and ensures a stronger attachment. The picks are attached to the axe with a system of cones which hold them in place and act as a break.

What are the differences between the ICE”, "DRY" and “TOP” picks?

The "ICE" pick is mounted by default on models CRYO-P, M, LT and CRYO-2. It is our slimmest pick. Its cone shape allows easy penetration with minimal ice breaking, and its original sharpening does not require later retouching; It is a type-T pick. The "DRY" pick is thicker than the "ICE", has the same thickness all along its structure and its tip is not cone shaped. Therefore, it is more resistant to fatigue. Ideal for mixed terrain, it is less recommended to be used on waterfalls and hard ice. It is a type-T pick. It is recommended for models CRYO-P, CRYO-M and CRYO-2. The “TOP” pick is designed exclusively for extreme dry-tooling and competition. It is thick to provide a good resistance, but has a cone shape to allow good penetration in the ice. In addition, it is provided with a serrated upper blade for better hold on underclings and cracks. To use this pick on ice you will need to develop the technique of hitting the ice at a slight inclination. It is a type-T pick. It is recommended for the CRYO-2.

Can I use a “TOP” pick on the CRYO-LT, CRYO-M or CRYO-P?

NO, NEVER. “TOP” picks are exclusively designed for model CRYO-2.

How I can get accessories for CRYO PRO ice axe?

Ice ax CRYO PRO is discontinued. If you need any accessories, please contact us at info@e-climb.com. We will try to help you.

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