FAQs about Leashes

Can I adapt a “HAND-CLIP” leash to any model of ice axe?

No, only the models CRYO-P, M and LT have the necessary screw sockets (M5) to fit the “BOLT” set (screw, washer and rubber spring).

Are the hand clip leashes included with the axes?

No, the axes come with protective plugs to cover the sockets where the leashes can be fitted.

Can I use a conventional leash with a CRYO axe?

Yes, you can attach one using the orifice just next to the painted part of the shaft.

Why does the leash set “HAND-CLIP” come with one black washer and two white washers?

The black washer makes it more difficult to release your hand. You could fit this washer on the hand you don´t use to place screws and you can be more confident that it won´t release itself alone.

Can the hand-clip slip off the bolt?

Yes, but it is very easy to get into the habit of feeling the bolt with your thumb to check if it is securely attached or not. In fact the great advantage of the hand-clip is that it is a “leashless” leash. This permits you to release and re-clip the leash equally quickly.

Are the left and right hand hand-clips sold separately?

No, both come together in a set along with the “BOLT” accessories to screw them to the shaft.

What comes in the “HAND-CLIP” set?

Both left and right hand hand-clip leashes with “CLIP” pieces, two “BOLT” sets (screw, white washer and rubber spring, one for each axe) and an additional black washer. Why is there a second screw socket on the shaft on the CRYO-P, M and LT? To fit a second “BOLT” while being able to use the HAND-CLIP in this position on a less vertical terrain.

Why is the piece “CLIP” sold separately?

Prolonged use of the clip will result in wear caused by the aluminium plate rubbing, thus reducing the retaining force of the spring. This wear will not affect the strength of the part but we recommend replacing this piece when you stop noticing the “CLIP” effect.

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