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    Hook to thread abalakov HOOKY, hook to thread abalakov by It also has a knife and scissors to cut rope. The sharp end gets protected when it is folded. Includes an elastic lace to attach it on the harness.
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    Anchor ice ICEPIDER by Protection device to place in holes left by the ice axe pick. High strength due to a very low point of pull, there isn't hardly any leverage. Easy to extract using the ice pick as leverage. There's a notch to facilitate extraction from above once the hard move has been dealt with. Very useful when it is difficult to...
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    Reusable shock absorber DISSIP by Reusable shock absorber that starts operating from 250 kg. The energy of the fall is transformed into heat after sliding the DYNNEM Dyneema webbing through the holes of the aluminium alloy plate, and thus reducing the impact of the fall. In average is reducing a 30% of the impact energy. Very useful in the...
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    Dyneema sling DYNNEM, spare Dyneema sling for the reusable shock absorbers DISSIP by Once unfolded, it can be refolded for a new use. We suggest to replace the webbing after 5 falls where the webbing has been fully deployed. The webbing features a tab with 5 holes to keep track of the falls. One hole should be tore off after each fall...
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